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The Clippers decide on Ty Lue as their new coach

The Clippers decide on Ty Lue as their new coach

The Los Angeles Clippers confirmed the agreement reached with Ty Lue to be their coach for the next five years.

Although the official signature is still missing, the agreement was closed this afternoon after the last conversations between the representative of the Clippers, Andy Miller, and Lue.

Lue’s arrival as the Clippers coach means there will be continuity with the work of his predecessor and mentor, Doc Rivers, to whom he was an assistant.

Lue, who won the league title with the Cleveland Cavaliers in the second stage from forward LeBron James, lived together with Rivers, new coach of the Philadelphia Sixers, the surprise elimination suffered by the Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals played in the Orlando bubble.

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The elimination against the Denver Nuggets, after having a 3-1 advantage, made Rivers decide to leave the team considering that the sports expectations set by the Clippers had not been met after having obtained the millionaire signings of forwards Kawhi Leonard and Paul George.

Both players have been key in closing the deal with Lue, 43, to take over as the Clippers’ new coach.

In Leonard and George’s first season as teammates, the Clippers went 49-23 in regular competition, the fourth-best record in franchise history, but failed again in the play-offs.

Chauncey Billups is expected to be a candidate to join Lue’s staff with the Clippers, although he is currently involved as a candidate to fill the coaching position with the Indiana Pacers.

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Lue won a championship in 2016 as coach of the Cavaliers, reaching the NBA Finals three years in a row while James was there.

Since coming to the NBA, Lue has a winning record of 128-83 in regular season competition and 41-20 in the playoffs. EFE (HN).

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