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‘The Dodgers’, LA City Connect uniforms

‘The Dodgers’, LA City Connect uniforms

The Dodgers and Nike unveiled their City Connect series uniforms on Thursday, with their official on-field debut Thursday and Friday in the first two games of the Los Angeles series against the Mets. Other dates may be added this season.

It is a pure blue uniform with “The Dodgers” on the cap and jersey. For the first time in franchise history, the Dodgers wear blue pants. However, the organization tried to preserve some of its tradition including the cursive letters and the red numbers.

Wearing “Los Dodgers” on both cap and jersey is one way the franchise honors its ties to the Latino fans. Early in the campaign, the team celebrated the 40th anniversary of Fernandomania. Another touch on the shirts is the spray paint detail, depicting Los Angeles street art and murals.

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“While our great players will always wear the traditional style,” stated Dodgers vice president of marketing Lon Rosen, “the City Connect program provided us with an opportunity to recognize the impact and importance of our multicultural fans.”

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