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The dunes of Peru return to the Dakar in its 40th edition

The dunes of Peru return to the Dakar in its 40th edition
Peru returns in 2018 after five years of absence from the route of the Dakar Rally, where its dunes are the main attraction of the 40th edition of the event, which today was presented in Barcelona, ​​within the framework of the Dakar World Tour, which will cover all the world to publicize the news of the toughest car and motorcycle endurance race in the world.
The 2018 Dakar, which will be held between January 6 and 20 of next year, returns to the Pacific Ocean, where it will begin its journey from Lima, capital of Peru, and will continue to La Paz, where the last edition 800,000 people received participants.
«The reception that took place will remain in our memory. That is why it is a good reason to do the rest day in La Paz ”, explained the sporting director of the Dakar Rally, Marc Coma.
Argentina will be the third country to complete the route, a state that has been an appointment in the ten editions of the Dakar that have been held in South America, and Córdoba will be the city where the race ends.
«There will be a demanding first week. From Lima to La Paz, 80% of the route will be dunes and off-piste », Marc Coma, five times winner of the Dakar on two wheels, has detailed.
The presentation ceremony was attended by Spanish pilots participating in the last edition, such as Laia Sanz, Gerard Farrés, Joan Barreda, Nani Roma, Isidre Esteve and Joan Pedrero, a moment that has served to recognize and value their participation in the edition 2017.
The general director of RPM-MKTG, correspondent for the Dakar in Spain, Félix Dot, has ensured that despite not having had a winner in the last edition, he is convinced that in 2018 they will “opt for a victory.”
“If last year with the major sporting changes that Marc Coma made, the change was already noticed, with the arrival of Peru you can prepare yourself because it will not be easy at all,” Dot warned the riders present.
The first Spanish driver to win the Dakar, Nani Roma, told EFE that Peru’s return to the course “is a big step”, and that it makes things much easier for both the organization and the drivers, as there is no links.
«There is Route 40 that crosses all of Peru, and we do the race on each side. It will be complicated at the level of riding, there will be a lot of dunes, but in any case it is what we all like ”, has assured the winner of the Dakar in motorcycles in 2004 and in cars in 2014.
Likewise, the winner of the Dakar in the women’s category, Laia Sanz, also appreciated Peru’s entry into the tour: “Anyone who dreams of running a Dakar wants to do it on the sand. The last few years we have lacked this, and last year Marc brought a big change in the type of race, and this year he will go even further in this direction.
«I am excited and eager to prepare it. I want to work harder sailing so as not to make the mistakes of this year. I still have room for improvement », pointed out Sanz.
For his part, the only Spaniard on the Dakar 2017 podium, Gerard Farrés, thanked Marc Coma for the direction the Dakar has taken, where navigation takes on more importance.
«I started as Marc’s backpacker, and little by little you are growing. We are a ‘Dakarian’ family. We had a very bad time but this makes us very close “, explained the Catalan rider.
The Dakar was born in 1979, at which time it did not reach 200 participants. In recent years, some 500 participants dare to run it, 600 people organize it, they have 10 helicopters and a total of 2,800 people move from bivouac to bivouac every day. “They are shocking numbers”, has sentenced Coma. EFE
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