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The fans who invaded Nice-Marseille risk 3 years in prison

The fans who invaded Nice-Marseille risk 3 years in prison

The fans who invaded the league match between Nice and Olympique de Marseille risk a prison sentence of up to three years and a fine of 45,000 euros, the French Prosecutor’s Office reported on Monday.

The Nice (southeastern France) Prosecutor’s Office detailed in a statement that investigations have been opened that have resulted in several charges against those suspected of having thrown objects at the Marseille players and then having invaded the Allianz Arena pitch. from Niza.

The Prosecutor’s Office detailed the charges for “entering a playing field preventing the normal functioning of a sports competition, throwing objects that presented a safety hazard, use of stadium furniture as a projectile, serious degradation and aggravated voluntary violence during a sports tournament ».

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If these charges are proven in court, the suspects may incur a maximum prison sentence of three years, a 45,000 euro fine and a ban on entering a sports field for five years.

The open investigations were entrusted to the departmental security services of the Alpes-Maritimes prefecture, which will use the video images to identify the perpetrators and clarify the responsibilities of the incidents between the fans of both teams, as well as the possible responsibility of the players and the coaching staff of the two clubs.

The episode has shocked France, whose Sports Minister, Roxana Maracineanu, warned that “a red line has been crossed” for which there will have to be sanctions.

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The Professional Football League has also initiated its own investigation, which has summoned Olympique de Marseille and OGZ Nice to the meeting of the Disciplinary Commission that next Wednesday will analyze the incidents, which in a statement qualifies as “serious”.

Plastic bottles were thrown at OM players by several ultras from the south grandstand of the Nice stadium until one of them hit French international Dimitri Payet, who sent it back to the stands.

From there, numerous local fans jumped into the field of force, despite the efforts of security personnel to contain them, with the intention of attacking the Marseille players.

Players and staff from both teams were involved in the fray and the match was suspended for more than an hour. The score at that time was 1-0 in favor of Nice.

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The LFP decided that the match should be resumed, but the OM players, backed by their president, the Spanish Pablo Longoria, decided not to return as they considered that their safety was not guaranteed.

“Our safety was simply not guaranteed (…) We are very shocked by what happened. For us, it was unacceptable for fans to enter the field like this, “said Marseille captain, goalkeeper Steve Mandanda, in a statement released Monday by the club.

In principle, the LFP should declare Marseille the loser of the match for having refused to continue. EFE

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