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The FIA ​​will no longer apply sanctions to Vettel for his incident with Hamilton

The FIA ​​will no longer apply sanctions to Vettel for his incident with Hamilton

The FIA ​​reported this Monday that it will not impose further sanctions on the German driver Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari) for the incident that he starred with the British Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix and for which he was already punished with a stop of ten seconds in the garage street during the race.

With the safety car on the track, Hamilton slowed down, causing Vettel to crash into the rear of the Englishman’s car.

Angered by the maneuver, the German was at the height of his rival and thrashed laterally. This gave Vettel a ten-second penalty in the form of a ‘stop and go’.

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Vettel and Ferrari boss Maurizio Arrivabene met with FIA President Jean Todt in Paris on Monday to exchange views on what happened in Baku on June 25.

In a statement, the FIA ​​explains that Vettel has taken “full responsibility” for its action and “has apologized.”

For this reason, and with the commitment of the four-time world champion to dedicate part of his time to educate young drivers, the FIA ​​has chosen not to apply other sanctions and to close the case.

The FIA ​​explains that the 10-second stop and go imposed on Vettel is the second most severe sanction that can be applied, second only to the black flag exclusion.

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To Vettel, who has promised to apologize publicly. Three points have also been subtracted from his Superlicense, which now has nine left. EFE

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