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The “Gallo” Estrada goes for the unified Fly title

The Juan Francisco Estrada vs. Giovanni Segura fight for their WBA-WBO flyweight world titles, and the unification of the WBA and WBC Supergallos championships between Jackie Nava and Jamaican Alicia Ashley are considered high-stakes fights.
Due to the styles of champions and challengers, the combats this Saturday in Mexico City are classified as “wars”, in the function that will be broadcast on open television.
Juan Francisco Estrada (26-2-0, 19 knockouts) is what they call the “complete package” above the ring, boxing and hitting; Besides that he has intelligence and intuition, with movements of the legs, waist and head, both offensive and defensive, he is tall and of great strength.
«Gallito» Estrada has already faced rivals of the stature of Román «Chocolatito» González, whom he gave a disputed fight, defeated Brian Viloria, who took away the world championships, and the Filipino Richie Mepranum, whom he knocked out in 10 rounds, but he has never faced an opponent with the aggressiveness, strength and punch of the «Aztec Warrior».
The Guerrero Giovani Segura (32-3-1, 28 ko’s) is an experienced challenger who hits, endures and is a true warrior who does not give a millimeter in the ring.
He has knocked out 28 opponents of his 32 victories. He beat opponents of power, such as Hernán “Tyson” Márquez, Jonathan “Bomba” González and César Canchila, as well as highly technical boxers, such as Iván Calderón, Carlos Tamara and Daniel Reyes.
What has been difficult for him, and this is indicated by his three defeats against former world champions (César Canchila, Brian Viloria and Édgar Sosa), is boxing backwards, imposing himself on an opponent who takes the initiative based on combinations and fights against distance and, above all, defend yourself.
While youth, weight and physique will be in Estrada’s favor, experience, strength and aggressiveness are Segura’s advantages. It will always be an intense, disputed and interesting fight, be it when the «Aztec Warrior» forces the actions short, or when the «Gallo» takes them to the terrain that suits him.
In another title contest, Tijuana-based Jackie Nava (29-4-3, 13 ko’s), WBA Super Bantamweight World Champion, unites against Alicia Ashley (21-9-1, 3 ko’s), born in Jamaica but residing in New York, He is a world monarch Super Bantamweight endorsed by the WBC.

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