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The Heat were willing to offer their youngsters for James Harden

The Heat were willing to offer their youngsters for James Harden

The city of Miami was one of the potential destinations for James Harden after he transferred to the Rockets board his desire to be traded. While potential negotiations appear to have completely cooled down, the Heat offices were more than willing to push hard for the shooting guard, even if it meant giving up his young-core.

According to Miami Herald reporter Barry Jackson, South Beach would have put on the table a succulent package made up of players like Tyler Herro, Duncan Robinson, Precious Achiuwa, KZ Okpala, Andre Iguodala and Kelly Olynyk. The Texans have insisted they will not consider any offer that does not include multiple first-round picks. And that is precisely where it would eradicate the problem. From ESPN they already indicated that the only first round of the draft that could be transferred in Miami is 2027. Barry Jackson added to the possible equation the first round of 2025 but this is in the hands of the Thunder (protected between positions 1 and 14 between 2023 and 2025). Thus, the future value offered from Miami would not satisfy the demands of general manager Rafael Stone.

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Since then, two different positions have clashed in this hypothetical movement: that of those who would sacrifice the future of the franchise in exchange for a Top 5 NBA player and that of the other group that defends that the current roster is already on its way to ensure successes, built on the so-called Heat Culture. And it is precisely the latter that the controversial ex-player Kendrick Perkins advocates.

“It’s difficult to pass up an MVP candidate,” Perkins told ESPN. “But I wouldn’t make the deal. And here’s why: When you look at the Heat, they have something called culture. One of the best organizations to establish something like this. They have an identity for a long time. I wouldn’t give up two guys I built and developed like Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson. They have one thing you need in the NBA. Space. You need to launch. And the way that attack is built is through Bam. He is the one who organizes the game. They fit that well. But I don’t know how James Harden would fit into that system. Would it take the ball away from Bam? Would it take away Jimmy’s weight? I only know one thing: all these guys that are now in the Heat complement each other very, very well. “

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From the Miami Herald they add that Pat Riley holds Harden in high esteem but that his incorporation would only be considered at a reasonable price, both for him and for the organization. So far, both the Heat and the Rockets have dubiously started the season. (GG) (NBA Maniacs)

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