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The “Ice Bucket Challenge” came to boxing

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a challenge for the awareness of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease that causes muscular paralysis and that ends with the death of those who suffer it. There is no cure and research on this condition is still in its infancy. Thus was born the Ice Bucket Challenge, where a person pours a bucket of ice water on top, challenges three others and whoever refuses, must donate the ALS Association. First Mark Zuckerberg challenged Bill Gates and from there the virality of the event was unleashed. From challenge to challenge was how the Ice Bucket Challenge came to boxing.
In the “Noches de Comabte” Claudia Trejos, a commentator specializing in boxing for the ESPN network, challenged Abner Mares to do the challenge. Mares reported a few days later with his video where he was soaked in icy water and at the same time, he challenged Oscar de la Hoya to Julio César Chávez father and son.
In addition to Mares, Adrien Broner and Chris Algieri took a bucket of ice water. Algieri even challenged his November 22 rival in Macau, China: Manny Pacquiao. Algieri wrote on Twitter: I hate the cold! Sorry Manny, you go on.
Given that the main intention of the Ice Bucket Challenge is to let the world know that this disease needs to be studied in order to be treated, the fact that different public figures decided to participate in the challenge led thousands of people to support the campaign. that in 2 weeks has raised 4 million dollars. Previously, in the same time frame, the ALS Association raised $ 1.1 million, which made the exposure of public superstars bathed in ice water have the desired effect.
The Ice Bucket Challenge came from the brainchild of Pete Frates (featured in the story), a former college baseball player who was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis in 2012. This effort is focused on raising funds as explained above. This is how the domino effect has brought together thousands of people and millions of dollars in the hope of eventually fighting, controlling, or abating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. (Courtesy Gladys Trujillo, invites all of our readers to take up this challenge and support the ALS Association with a donation. We launched the challenge starting with our editors Ernesto Ocampo, Jorge Ocampo and Eduardo Cano Vela.

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