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The incredible clause that Michael Jordan had in his contract with Chicago Bulls

The incredible clause that Michael Jordan had in his contract with Chicago Bulls

How did Michael Jordan become the best player in NBA history? Well, if there is something certain about that answer, it is that nobody loved and loves basketball like the former Chicago Bulls. That took him to the top and also to have unusual things in his career.

Before MJ was even an icon in the sport, he already had that voracious competitor mind. He was a player who wanted to win and play everywhere and at all times. For that reason, his first contract as a professional came with a single clause that would allow him to play basketball whenever and wherever he wants.

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The clause was called for the love of the game or for the love of the game. This allowed him to play when he wanted, where he wanted and how he wanted. Probably the only one to have this kind of benefit in sports history, since something like that puts your health at risk outside of the NBA and no team would risk that with a player. Except of course, Jordan’s Bulls, who were tied to doing what His Airness wanted, and with good reason.

The Michael Jordan Clause

The most noticeable thing about Jordan was always his love for the sport, and this clause is a sample of that. No one will be able to have this type of benefit again. With this, the escort participated in many charity games, friendly with friends and who knows what else.

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“Jordan had a clause called ‘For the Love of the Game’ that allowed him to play basketball anytime, anywhere and for any reason. The Bulls were never in a position to negotiate with the best player to have caught a ball. Jordan asked for a clause allowing him to play at any time because he just loved that. NBA teams often slow down players in the offseason so they don’t have physical activities. But nobody stops Michael Jordan if he wants to enter a basketball court, ”said Rohan Nadkarni of Sports Illustrated.(Bolavip)

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