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The Mexican racetrack registers progress of 75 to 90%

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodríguez, which will receive the Mexican Grand Prix from October 30 to November 1, has made progress in its remodeling of 75 to 90%, said today engineer Christian Epp, from the German company Tilke, in charge of the work.
The organizers must report their progress to the Formula 1 managers, who in mid-August must give the go-ahead for the highest category of motorsport to return to Mexico after a 23-year absence.
“The important thing is that in the next six weeks we can be almost 90%, and the remaining 10% will be completed in the last six or eight weeks before the Grand Prix,” Epp told the media on a tour of the facilities.
The track, which is already being paved, “is between 75 and 80%, the same as the infirmary and the press center, and the pit building is already between 85 and 90%,” he added.
Epp, a representative of Tilke, said that in practically a month the company has to tell the authorities: “We are ready to welcome F1.”
He said that the British Charlie Whiting, security delegate of the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and director of Formula 1 races, will carry out this Friday “a brief unofficial visit” to the Mexican racetrack and then he will have to make the official one, probably in mid-August, “to give the go-ahead.”
He recalled that Whiting is the one who has “to say in the end whether this works or not; He has a lot of experience, he has seen many tracks around the world and he is confident that we will make it in time.
With practically three months of the race, Epp considered that there will be no problems with the delivery dates. But we have to keep working hard. It cannot be stopped and, on the contrary, we have to continue with the hard pace with which we have been working »and until a few weeks before the Grand Prix.
He explained that the rains that have been registered in recent days in Mexico City interrupted the works, but they were within the forecasts of the remodeling

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