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The Michael Jordan Reveal That Wasn’t Seen On The Last Dance

The Michael Jordan Reveal That Wasn’t Seen On The Last Dance

It was one of the most popular series of recent times. The Last Dance became a global phenomenon that captured the attention of millions of viewers. Many of them oblivious to his passion for basketball. It was a documentary series in which the intimacy of the best team in history was exposed, when Michael Jordan led the Chicago Bulls in its most glorious time.

But not everything that was recorded was published. There are still unpublished scenes from the interviews with the protagonists that little by little begin to come to light. This was reflected by the FanSided portal, which had access to a dialogue of the world legend with Stuart Scott, the franchise’s escort in 1998.

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“Is it fair to look for the next Michael Jordan?” Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan could become future legends ”Scott asked his former partner.

“It’s not fair, you know.” There will never be another Michael Jordan. Nor will there ever be another Magic Johnson or another Larry Bird. Now, there will be a Kobe Bryant, there will be a Grant Hill and an Anthony Hardaway. These guys are going to have similar characteristics, this is how they manifest them to be the best basketball player— answered the idol with 6 rings of the NBA with a clear and forceful analysis.

To leave no doubts about his line of thought, Jordan argued his hypothesis with a theory that exposes the NBA organization in search of the show to entertain the spectators: “No matter what the league does, you cannot fool the consumer. nor to the fans. What I mean is that the game is going to decide who will be the next star. Your game will have to evolve towards that label the league is trying to promote you with. It is dangerous because the credibility of the game could be affected ”.

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It should be noted that Michael Jordan was appointed as a member of the NBA foundation, aimed at financially helping black communities in the United States and Canada.

The organization of the most important basketball tournament in the world presented, through an official statement, the eight members of the council, including players, executives and franchise owners.

“The Foundation’s board of directors will provide strategic direction with respect to scheduling and awarding grants, and will oversee the activities of the organization,” the document said. In addition, he stressed that the leaders will work “directly with the 30 NBA teams and their owners, to support and facilitate the initiatives.”

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Jordan is a member of the foundation, owning the Charlotte Hornets, along with Tony Ressier (owner of the Atlanta Hawks), Gayle Benson (New Orleans Pelicans) and Larry Tenenbaum (Toronto Raptors of Canada). Also active players are Tobías Harris (Philadelphia 76ers) and Harrinson Barnes (Sacramento Kings). (GG) (Infobae)

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