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The midfielder that Xavi Hernández wants for his new Barcelona

The midfielder that Xavi Hernández wants for his new Barcelona

Xavi Hernández was finally announced, introduced and took the reins of the club that he always dreamed of managing; all that fairy tale came true and now when he crashes into reality, there will be enough work he will have to do to lift the club from the complex moment it is going through.

For Barcelona, ​​it is an obligation to be the protagonist of everything that plays, a situation that has not occurred in recent times and much less in the previous administration, in which little and nothing could be advanced, until the last one ended up leaving. great idol of the team, Lionel Messi.

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Now, at the hands of the former midfielder, both managers and fans seek the ‘resurgence from the ashes’. Hernández arrives with high expectations, but that does need some faces to solve his arrival at Azulgrana.

For this reason, the international press began to shuffle a series of names that would give more quality to the Catalan midfield, historically characterized by talented and well-standing players, who leave the attackers talking directly with the rival goalkeepers.

The first on that list, and who seems to be a serious candidate is Marcelo Brozovic, the Inter player who at 29, almost 30, is an option to join the new squad led by the man who knows what it is to touch the honeys of the triumph with that set.

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Another man who continues on the list is Tanguy Ndonbélé, a footballer who is currently part of the Tottenham discipline, but who, due to the high investment of Spurs, when buying him from Lyon, would make his arrival in the Catalan capital a little complicated. .

Lastly, there are other young players who are playing, but their arrival is not so easy due to the little popularity they have: Ryan Gravenberch, from Ajax, and Marc Roa, from Bayern Munich; Footballers who, in the case of the latter, would even have been offered to the team that is now in the hands of Xavi. (AFP)

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