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The most hurtful phrases of the face to face between Mayweather and McGregor

The most hurtful phrases of the face to face between Mayweather and McGregor

In a crowded venue in Los Angeles, the protagonists of one of the most anticipated fights in recent years met for the first time. Both the American boxer Floyd Mayweather and the Irish fighter Conor McGregor did not save anything. They were thrown with very heavy verbal ammunition to ignite the preview of the boxing fight that they will do next August 26 in Las Vegas.

With the boastful posture that characterizes both, although with completely opposite looks, Mayweather and McGregor sparked with mockery, claims and insults of all kinds. Here, a review with the eight most salient phrases of the first dialectical clash. You can vote for your favorite:

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McGregor: «You have come in gym clothes, you can’t even buy a suit anymore. And your Rolls Royce is from 2012. You’re ‘screwed’, no question.

Mcgregor: «Do you like my suit? If you look closely, it says ‘Fuck you’ (fuck you) ».

Mcgregor: «Your restrictions amuse me. You will end up unconscious before the fourth round. And if it was a real fight, you wouldn’t take one. “

Mcgregor: ‘It’s your father’s fault, he should have convinced you to keep retiring. You could have kept the record (49-0), but it won’t be like that. “

Mayweather: «I’m a nine-figure fighter. He made three million in his last fight. I earn that by training. Here I have a check for 100 million.

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Mayweahter: «You are going to raise the white flag. I let you choose the way you want to touch the canvas: from the front or from the back ».

Mayweather: “God does not make mistakes. And God made only one thing perfect: my boxing record (49-0).

Mayweather“I’m the IRS (United States Tax Service) and I’m going to kick your ass.”

The fight against McGregor will take place on August 26 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. (Infobae)

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