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The NBA plans to start the season in December and finish before the Olympics

The NBA plans to start the season in December and finish before the Olympics

In a major change of plans, the NBA plans to start the next season a few days before Christmas with a shortened schedule that could conclude before the Tokyo Olympics, US media reported.

This new proposal was discussed on Friday with the owners of the teams and would also have to be approved by the Players Association (NBPA) before the end of October.

The NBA so far had planned to start the season in early 2021 in the hope of welcoming fans back to its courts.

However, given the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic, he now chooses to return in the days before Christmas so as not to lose the visibility and large audiences that he usually has on those dates, ESPN reported.

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According to the digital medium The Athletic, the opening date with which the NBA works is December 22.

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted all NBA calendars by causing a game stoppage of more than four months in the last season, which should have ended last June but ended up doing so on October 11 with the teams concentrated in the headquarters «bubble »From Disney World.

The proposal presented to the owners contemplates the cancellation of the Indianapolis All-Star Game and the reduction of the regular season from the usual 82 games to between 70 and 72 in order to end before the Olympics and return to the regular schedule of the NBA, ESPN described.

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The participation of NBA stars, both the American team and other national teams, in the Games (July 31 to August 8, 2021) was seriously at risk from the league’s plans to delay their season.

Around the NBA there is support to start the competition at Christmas but the great challenges that it would imply are also highlighted since, in less than two months, the draft of November 18, the free agency period and the preseason fields must be held , described ESPN.

By playing games again on the teams’ fields, outside of the Disney World safety environment, the league will also face the risk of coronavirus infections between players and coaches, as is happening in other leagues such as American football (NFL). ).

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To minimize risks, the NBA is studying format changes to concentrate games in the same venue, reducing the number of trips, in the style of the Major League Baseball series.

The NBA is also working on prevention protocols for when they can welcome back fans, which would include coronavirus tests for spectators and air purifiers on the court. AFP (HN).

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