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The NBA reduces timeouts from 18 to 14 to make the game faster

The NBA reduces timeouts from 18 to 14 to make the game faster

The board of governors of the NBA approved the modification of the rule of 18 time-outs that are established in each game to reduce them to 14 as of next season.

The objective of the measure, according to Byron Spruell, president of operations of the NBA, is to give greater agility to the development of each game and that the fans enjoy the competition more.

The rule that limits the time-outs of the last two minutes of each game was also approved, which will now be two per team instead of the three that are currently established.

“These changes will help the goal of improving the flow and rhythm of the game,” Spruell said. “Fewer interruptions and less time without action, especially in the final stretch of each match, will improve the experience for the fans.”

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Each team will have seven timeouts at each half time with no restrictions. Previously a full time-out was 90 seconds, and a “20-second” time was an actual duration of 60 seconds.

With the modifications, they will now both be replaced for a time of 75 seconds each.

Previously during overtime there were three timeouts for each team and that has now been changed to two.

The board of governors also approved modifying the deadline so that teams can make transfers before the final stretch of the season arrives.

Before it was established the following Thursday after the Weekend of the Stars had concluded, now it has advanced 10 before that celebration.

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