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The price of PSG’s Leo Messi shirt with Michael Jordan’s brand

The price of PSG’s Leo Messi shirt with Michael Jordan’s brand

It’s totally crazy! Lionel Messi arrived in Paris to sign the contract that binds him as a new Paris Saint Germain player and had a security and police device as if he were a president. The world of football is paralyzed and fans already want to have the new PSG shirt (jersey) with the number and surname of the captain of the Argentine National Team.

Barcelona took longer to remove Messi merchandise from their official stores than Leo fans to wonder: How much is the PSG shirt worth and how can you buy it? The official Paris Saint Germain store has already put Lionel’s new ‘skin’ on sale!

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As if the gods of sport had agreed, two legends will unexpectedly meet. Michael Jordan and his brand are one of PSG’s official sponsors, so Messi will wear the distinctive image and logo of the living Chicago Bulls and NBA legend.

Paris Saint Germain reported that it extended the link with Jordan Brand (Brand) for another year so that the first apparel and more merchandise of the team have the Michael logo. So Messi, who is a fan of the NBA with an expensive backpack that does not take off, will feel more than identified with the PSG jersey.

How much is Leo Messi’s PSG shirt with the Michael Jordan logo worth?

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According to the official PSG website, the shirt that Lionel Messi will wear at Paris Saint Germain and that has the Michael Jordan brand has a price of $ 187.99 dollars and for children it costs $ 97.99 dollars. The away kit (away) not worn by the Jordan Brand also has the same value: $ 187.99. (Bolavip)

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