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The record of Lio Messi’s PSG jerseys sold in one day

The record of Lio Messi’s PSG jerseys sold in one day

PSG signed the cheapest player in the world. Despite his high salary, what Lionel Messi does to fans far exceeds those numbers. What’s more, just 24 hours after its arrival in Paris, the French club has already broken a record in the sale of shirts.

Paris already received Messi and his entire family in the best way. On the 10th he left his comfort in Castelldefels behind and went to the Barcelona airport to start his trip to France. To face a new challenge. And he started on the right foot. Only with a training session and without having debuted, he broke a record.

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In the first 24 hours, PSG sold 832,000 shirts with Lionel Messi’s number 30. Considering that each cost $ 188, Parisians pocketed $ 156.416 billion. The record he broke? No player in history sold more shirts in his first 24 hours at an institution. (Bolavip)

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