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The revolution in F1 will have to wait until 2017

The plans to introduce major changes in the Formula One regulations will have to wait at least until 2017, once the teams, meeting this Tuesday in Geneva (Switzerland), have rejected their implementation in 2016.

The project to implement in 2016 wider cars, bigger tires and greater aerodynamic effect has not been supported by the representatives of the teams, meeting in the Formula One Commission, according to autosport, which points to a division of opinions on the moment of its application.

While some teams wanted the new rules for next year, others prefer to wait until 2017 to coincide with the return to the 1,000-horsepower engines and the new contract with the tire supplier.

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According to the sources managed by autosport, the Geneva conclave has agreed to dedicate more time to working on the specific proposals for 2017 to obtain definitive improvements.

Tuesday’s meeting was seen as the last chance to introduce the new rules with massive support. According to the new Formula One regulations, as of March 1, any change in the regulations for next year requires the unanimous support of the teams.

Shortly before the Geneva meeting, the Ferrari team has published a new car design with which they hope to fuel the debate on the need for a drastic overhaul of the prototype image, ensuring that the new image could be obtained with minimal changes. in current regulations. EFE

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