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The ridiculous figure that the owner of Televisa paid to buy America in 1959

The ridiculous figure that the owner of Televisa paid to buy America in 1959

Currently the América de México club has an estimated value of $ 200 million, according to the latest study carried out by Forbes magazine in 2020. It is owned by the third generation of the Azcárraga family and constitutes one of their most beloved and powerful patrimonies in the present.

With Emilio Azcárraga Jean at the helm, the team reached its highest historical value, largely thanks to the economic growth that global and Mexican soccer has had, so the business of having this active and self-sufficient institution is the product of proper business operation .

How popular it is in Mexico, the United States and Central America have given it this value, in addition to its international players and the valuable facilities it has in Coapa and with the Azteca Stadium; However, all of this would not have been possible without Emilio Azcárraga Milmo’s valuable foray into the team in late 1959.

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Azcárraga Milmo, well known in the Mexican environment as El Tigre, was the one who gave power, prominence and popularity to the team, so the value of the institution multiplied as it reached greater national and international calls.

The best of this business for the Azcárraga family lies in the conditions in which the equipment was made, as contrary to the current bureaucracy, where contracts with decades of pages are the norm, in July 1959 El Tigre made the purchase in a simple sheet of paper written on the spot.

Specifically, it was on July 22 when Azcárraga Milmo closed the agreement with Isaac Bessudo, who also owned the Jarritos soft drink and had various businesses with the owners of Telesistema Mexicano (converted into Televisa years later), so the transfer of the team It was also due to a debt with the Azcárraga family.

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Specifically, according to the book by Emilio Azcárraga and his Televisa empire, written and investigated by Claudia Fernández and Andrew Paxman in 2000, El Tigre paid 425 thousand pesos (21 thousand dollars) to Isaac Bessudo, written at the time in a concise sheet of paper and effective immediately.

60 years later, that investment multiplied 9 thousand times, as a result of the growth of the Mexican currency, the value of Aztec football and in general due to the revolution that world football experienced in economic, political and social terms.

The incredible and ridiculous figure that the Tigre Azcárraga paid for America

From that moment, the history of the Eagles changed with the main objective of turning the club into a protagonist of Televisa (at that time Telesistema Mexicano) and for this he signed the two most important characters in Mexican football at that time: Guillermo Cañedo de la Bárcena, as sports president, and a little later, Ignacio Trelles as team coach.

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Those two movements were the key for América to begin its ascent, because since soccer turned professional in 1943, the azulcrema team fought the middle table, it had never been champion and like most teams, it did not have a stadium. own.

Currently, the Americanist team has one of the most expensive payrolls in Mexican football and competes with being one of the most valuable teams in the American continent, all product of the strategy established in the first instance by El Tigre Azcárraga.

According to the specialized portal, Transfermarkt, the current squad of the Azulcrema first team is valued at just over $ 82 million, making it the third team with the most expensive squad in Mexico, only behind Tigres and Monterrey and speaking exclusively of players. (Infobae)

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