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The Russian Kovalev unifies titles and ended the dream of “Alien” Hopkins

Russian boxer Sergey Kovalev defeated American veteran Bernard Hopkins by unanimous decision last night and unified the three light heavyweight titles, the World Boxing Association (WBA), the International Federation (IBF) and the World Organization (WBO).
The most anticipated fight of the year within the category of the top weights served to confirm the great moment that Kovalev is going through, and that his 18 years younger was also in the end the factor that caused the balance to fall on his side.
The appointment was in Atlantic City and neither of them disappointed with their delivery and boxing, although it was Kovalev, 31, and undefeated, who always imposed his power of fists, speed and greater physical depth.
Kovalev’s superiority from start to finish was reflected in the scorecards offered by the three judges, which were widely favorable to him.
Carlos Ortiz Jr. and Clark Sammartino gave him the winner with cards of 120-107 and Lawrence Layton had it even clearer and put a score of 120-106 favorable to Kovalev.
The great moral triumph for Hopkins, 49, who will turn 50 next January, was that in the end, in his 26 years as a professional, he has never lost by knockout.
The Russian, however, landed an early right hand to Hopkins’ head that caused Hopkins to touch the mat in the first round and receive the protection bill from bout referee David Fields.
But, once again, Hopkins honored his status as a tireless, intelligent and crafty fighter, which allowed him to perform the miracle of completing the 12 rounds without returning to the canvas and ending the fight on the fast track and more in a fight in the light heavyweight category and against an opponent with a great punch.
As if the above had not already been an achievement for Hopkins, in the twelfth round, Hopkins wanted to sell his defeat dearly and engaged in a very tough exchange of blows that will go down in history as one of the most spectacular that has ever been seen. between two fighters 18 years apart.
“He’s a tough man,” Kovalev declared at the end of the fight. «You have to respect him, but he has to stop fighting. He has done a lot for boxing and it is time that he gave way to the young people who are going up ».
Kovalev undefeated WBO champion (26-0-1, 23 KOs), now also owns the IBF and WBA belts, which were held by Hopkins, who achieved them at the age of 48 and 49, respectively .
But Hopkins, who made his mark at 55-7-2 and 32 wins via knockout, said he had a chance to win until the end.
“The key to the victory was that my opponent came with a great plan, hit and went backwards, as well as having a great right hand that combined it perfectly,” said Hopkins. “What I did in the last round was crazy, but the fans who want to see good fights deserved it.”
Kovalev himself, although he said that Hopkins had already retired, also acknowledged that he is much better than the current champion of the World Boxing Council (WBC), Canadian Adonis Stevenson, who has avoided fighting on several occasions. to the Russian monarch. EFE

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