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The Spanish Marta Brañas “one hundred percent” to win the flyweight title in Panama

The Spanish Marta Brañas “one hundred percent” to win the flyweight title in Panama
Galician boxer Marta Brañas, current Spanish champion of boxing, does not neglect his preparation for the fight he will have in Panama City against local Carlota Santos, in which the vacant WBA Fedecaribe Mosca title will be at stake, and he affirmed that he is “one hundred percent” to win it.
Brañas, known as ‘La Potrilla de Arteixo’, for her love of horse riding, said in an interview with Efe that she has prepared enough for this 8-round fight that will be held in a hotel casino in the Panamanian capital. , May 20.
His preparation for this contest before the experienced Santos, 32 years old and who made his professional debut in 2009, has already been practically finished in Spain where he did “physical work, strength work and technical work of boxing for this fight.
He does not lack any section of physical training because, he insisted, he brings it made from Spain.
“Now we are doing weight training and to be active for the day of the fight. We are one hundred percent.
Her presentation arouses interest because it is the first time that a Spanish woman has fought in a local card, in which her challenge will be the star of the boxing function, which includes other fights such as that of Panamanian Shantal Martínez, former world champion who will be measured with the Venezuelan Maryannys Acosta.
Brañas, a soldier at the Operational Logistics Force Headquarters in La Coruña who is studying a career as a military nurse for the rank of lieutenant, has a record of 9 fights with the same number of victories, 6 of them by knockout.
«My kind of boxing She is a stylist, I like it, then if I have to stretch myself, I stretch myself, I adapt to the types of boxing, but I also have a little bit stuck “, highlighted the Spaniard, whose best weapon is the left and who as a teenager practiced jumping in horseback riding and was a black belt in kung fu.
She confesses that since she was a child she was “a warrior” and that she liked sports in general, especially combat and martial arts.
«The moment came when at 17 I got a little tired, I wanted to try other disciplines, and I tried in the boxing“, He said.
At that moment, he recalled, his longtime coach Chano Planas offered him the opportunity to compete.
“As I am a very competitive person in sports, I did not doubt it at the time, and in the end everything was coming, until now.”
On December 4, 2015, she gave Spain the first professional women’s championship by defeating the Catalan Maribel de Sousa by unanimous decision of the judges.
His initial bouts, after his jump to the boxing professional that same year 2015, he did them in Mexico, two of them in Mexicali and one in Tijuana, for which he was training in Los Angeles.
And now his enthusiasm is on the rise because he knows that winning next Saturday to Santos will open the doors to contest the world super flyweight championship (115 pounds) of the World Association of Boxing (AMB).
Her rival is a seasoned and experienced boxer, who has on her record 7 fights won, 5 of those by knockout, in addition to 4 losses and 5 draws.
“Well, that’s what we come to, for a victory, to be able to take the title (Fedecaribe Mosca, 112 pounds) for Spain and thus be able to opt in August for the WBA Superfly World (Championship) against the Peruvian Laura Lecca”, remarked Brañas, from 31 years.
He explained that despite the fact that there is still no set date or venue for the fight with Lecca, the WBA super flyweight champion, the Panamanian promoter of boxing Manuel Pérerz Barreiro has told him “that there is 50% that is here in Panama and 50% in Spain, in Galicia.”
One of the inspirations that served Brañas to enter the boxing It has been the Dutch Lucía Rijker, former world champion and film artist (‘Million Dollar Baby’, 2004, and ‘Star Trek’, 2009), but she does not hide her admiration for the Legend of the boxing world, the Panamanian Roberto ‘hand of stone’ Durán.
“I would love it, it would be a luxury for me if Roberto Durán attended the evening on May 20, and to be able to meet and greet him,” said ‘la Potrilla de Arteixo’. EFE
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