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The teams that would be heads of the group in the Qatar World Cup 2022

The teams that would be heads of the group in the Qatar World Cup 2022

Another passionate and long-suffering Knockout date across the globe puts Qatar 2022 a little closer.

The World Cup is now exactly one year away from bringing together the best 32 teams in this sport and these would be the seeds for the draw.

Qatar, Brazil, Germany, Denmark, France, Belgium, Serbia, Spain, the Netherlands, Croatia, Switzerland, England and Argentina are today the teams that have a guaranteed place in the World Cup to be played in the Middle East between November and December next year. The vast majority would already have a place in that blessed Pot 1 that will not see each other until the knockout stages.

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Although there are still several dates to meet each and every one of those classified for the contest, some are beginning to analyze a draw for the World Cup where the difference between being part of one hype or another is abysmal. With Qatar securing this privilege thanks to their status as host, these would be the ones who would accompany them as seeds.

Mister Chip in Spain ensures that if we use the FIFA criteria during the last three editions of the tournament we would already have practically all the leaders of the eight World Cup zones. Only Italy, who have yet to define their future in the UEFA playoffs, have yet to secure this spot in pot one.

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Who would accompany Qatar today?

Based on the FIFA rankings and latest results, the statistician assures that Qatar, Belgium, Brazil, France, England, Argentina and Spain would be the first to know their zones in the World Cup. On March 31st, we know the path of each team to the Doha final. (Bolavip)

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