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The threat of Philadelphia 76ers to Ben Simmons if he does not show up to train

The threat of Philadelphia 76ers to Ben Simmons if he does not show up to train

The soap opera by Australian point guard Ben Simmons and his future in the National Basketball Association (NBA) continues to accumulate chapters, after declaring himself in absentia and announcing that he does not want to continue his career with the Philadelphia 76ers, demanding a transfer.
In that sense, the player was emphatic in pointing out that he will not appear at the beginning of the team’s official training camp, scheduled for Tuesday, September 28, which has begun to generate complications in the Pennsylvania franchise.
For this reason, from the 76ers they plan to take action on the matter and not fall into the temptation to heed Simmons’ request, at the hands of its president Daryl Morey, seeking to stress the situation as much as possible, and even threatening the Australian with sanctions. .

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76ers threaten Ben Simmons

The journalist Monte Poole, from the NBC Sports network, said that the institution is frustrated by the behavior of the base, who for his part does not feel valued by his coach Doc Rivers or by the team, for which they will apply financial fines.
As revealed by Brian Windhorst, from ESPN, the 76ers will punish Simmons with the payment of $ 25 thousand dollars for each day that he does not appear at the training field, something that from the Australian environment they assume and that the player himself indicated that he will cancel, after a meeting with team owner Josh Harris.(Bolavip)

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