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The Uruguayan ‘Mayweather’ travels to Mexico to train at the elite level

The Uruguayan ‘Mayweather’ travels to Mexico to train at the elite level
Uruguay’s top five amateur boxers, including a 17-year-old with a style that resembles that of the American Floyd Mayweather, traveled to Mexico on Monday to train at the world elite level and compete against that country’s amateur champions.
The president of the Uruguayan Commission of Boxing Amateur and Professional, Sergio Márquez, told Efe that the five athletes are “sponsored” by Sampson Lewkowicz, a Uruguayan promoter and representative who “discovered” the Filipino Manny Pacquiao and has other clients such as the Argentine Sergio ‘Maravilla’ Martínez.
According to Márquez, boxer Alexander Domínguez, a 17-year-old student, resembles American Floyd Mayweather in how he fights.
“He has a similar style, he moves a lot, walks the ring a lot, dodges and counterattacks,” he said.
“He started the championship (qualifying to go to Mexico) when he was 15 years old and he beat them all, I even brought him Argentine boxers and he beat them,” he said.
He also stressed that he has a “gift”, a natural talent, which combined with the training of a good teacher like the one he has in his hometown, gives him great potential for the future.
The leader of the boxing Uruguayan amateur said that the five competitors have an activity parallel to their usual training, such as Sebastián Mila, who works in the Montevideo City Hall as a waste collector or as Amílcar Vidal, who worked in an ambulance.
The latter comes from a family of boxers and he also did not lose in any of his 13 fights in the tournament.
«He fought with Brazilians and Argentines and beat them all, he is 20 years old. It’s very good, “said Márquez.
Domínguez, Vidal, Mila, Víctor Rodríguez and Jonathan Herrera, between 17 and 22 years old, were the winners in their categories of the WBC (World Council of Boxing).
That triumph gave them the possibility of going to train at the Otomí Ceremonial Center in Mexico, where the Panamanian Roberto “Manos de Piedra” Durán and the Mexican Julio César Chávez also did.
Before going to that “cradle” of the boxing located at 3,200 meters above sea level, they will train in a high-performance center in Mexico City.
In total, between the stay in both training centers and the final fight against the champions of the boxing Mexican amateur, the stay will be six weeks.
“They are going to train with world champions and with the top-level Mexican team and, in addition, they are going to train at altitude because the Otomí Ceremonial Center is in the mountains, so there they are going to get a lot of oxygenation,” explained Márquez.
Mila, from Montevideo, competes in the 60-kilo category; Domínguez, from Tacuarembó, in the 64 kilos; Rodríguez, from Maldonado, for the 69 kilos; Vidal, another from the capital, for 75 kilos; and for 81 kilos the other Montevideo, Herrera.
«All this is being done so that they can have a professional career at a good level today or tomorrow because by training with world champions and with people in the cradle of boxing They are going to acquire a lot of experience and international expertise ”, declared Márquez. EFE
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