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The Warriors will parade this Thursday but they have not yet defined a visit to the White House

The Warriors will parade this Thursday but they have not yet defined a visit to the White House
The celebrations in Oakland for the title of the Golden State Warriors will overflow this Thursday to the streets of the city as managers define whether or not the squad visits the White House.
The team denied journalistic versions that confirmed the refusal of the squad to visit President Donald Trump after an alleged vote by the players.
“Today everything is related to the celebration of the championship,” the team reported in a statement, which also suggests that they have not received an invitation from the White House.
Trump has already received in audience the New England Patriots as NFL Super Bowl champions, and Clemson, the national college football champion, although several players from both teams refused to travel to Washington.
The new champions of the NBA they were consecrated Monday night at Oracle Arena by beating the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 in Game 5 of the best-of-seven series, which ended 4-1.
Fans of the Warriors sa threw themselves into the shops on Tuesday to buy shirts and caps after spending a night of festivities in which they saw spontaneous street dances, noisy walks and caravans of cars covered with gold and blue flags.
Local police reported that there were hardly any minor incidents of public order on the streets of Oakland and San Francisco. And at least one vehicle was damaged by fans who used it as a jumping platform.
Early today, groups of municipal workers hung notices and banners commemorating the sporting conquest along the streets chosen for the triumphal parade, which will begin at 10 am. EFE
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