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The WBC announces belt advances with Canelo-Chávez Huichol fighting art

The WBC announces belt advances with Canelo-Chávez Huichol fighting art
The World Council of Boxing (CMB) announced today advances of the commemorative belt with Huichol art that will be awarded to the winner of the fight between Mexicans Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Julio César Chávez Jr., which will take place on May 6 in Las Vegas.
The representatives of the Marakame brand, Marcela Abarca and the Visual Artist Fernando Motilla, who is dedicated to the dissemination and commercialization of unique pieces of Wixárika (Huichol) art, pointed out that the artist Luis de la Cruz López has worked during the last days almost ten hours a day.
They explained that in its design, the belt will occupy about 40,000 beads made in the Czech Republic and its cost is invaluable, although on its website there are pieces ranging from 300 to 800 dollars but smaller than those of the belt. .
The artist will finish his work in the coming weeks and will later be presented in Mexico City.
Huichol art registers colorful and precision designs and works in addition to integrating a mystical symbolism with religious and cultural meanings.
The belt will be a special award to Mexican boxers who win the bouts that will be held on May 5 and September 15, two important dates in the history of Mexico and in which fights are regularly scheduled in Las Vegas.
The piece is called “Adolfo López Mateos”, former president of Mexico between 1958 and 1964 and who supported the founding of the World Council of Boxing in 1963.
For now, both boxers are completing their preparation stage, Álvarez is training in San Diego and Chávez is training in the State of Mexico.
‘El Canelo’ has a record of 48 wins, 34 before the limit, one loss and one draw and Chávez boasts a service record with 50 wins, 32 on the fast track, two losses and a draw. EFE
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