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The WBC has nothing against ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, says Sulaimán

The WBC has nothing against ‘Canelo’ Álvarez, says Sulaimán
The President of the World Council of Boxing (WBC), Mauricio Sulaimán, said today that the body has nothing against the Mexican Saúl ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and recalled that the Kazakh Gennady Golovkin will come out as middleweight champion of the Council in the fight that both will star on September 16 in Las Vegas.
Days before the fight against his compatriot Julio César Chávez junior, ‘Canelo’ anticipated that if there is a confrontation with Golovkin “we will do it without the (title of) WBC, it will be for the other titles” (World Association of Boxing (AMB), International Federation of Boxing (FIB) and World Organization of Boxing (OMB).
“They can try whatever they want, the champion of the Council is Golovkin and if they try to do something it is a direct and inexplicable action, but in no way will Golvkin accept that because he is our champion,” Sulaiman told the media this Monday in Ciudad from Mexico.
The leader explained that Álvarez’s case is “very simple, very practical and open, the WBC has absolutely nothing against ‘Canelo’ or anyone else.”
Sulaimán recalled that the only thing the WBC has done, for many years, “has been to extend friendship, opportunities and unconditional support to him. The fact that he does not see it that way is a matter of reviewing history, the facts are public, “he said.
He explained that the body under his charge supports the careers of boxers, that there is a regulation with benefits but that also gives commitments and obligations.
On the other hand, Sulaimán explained that the commemorative belt with Huichol art that would be given to the winner of the fight on May 6 and that Álvarez rejected will close its first chapter with a ceremony this Wednesday, although he did not specify if ‘Canelo’ will receive it.
That same day another story will begin for the fight on September 16. EFE
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