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The WBC remembers José Sulaimán for his birth

The WBC remembers José Sulaimán for his birth

A little more than 8 decades (83 years) ago, on May 30, 1931, José Sulaimán Chagnón was born in Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, who after a common, normal childhood, became one of the most important sports leaders of all the times in the world.
BOXINGHe did it particularly in boxing, a show to which he gave an almost total change, transforming it from something dangerous to a humanized activity, which did not lose its emotionality and greatness.
Mr. Sulaimán worked tirelessly to make the field of fists more serious, safer, more honest than it had been before his arrival to the Presidency of the World Boxing Council, on December 5, 1975, when he was elected by unanimously in Tunisia.
From the above, everything, absolutely everything, was different and better, much better. Rules, customs, deals were established, which were not known in boxing.
Pugilists and boxing in general, as well as thousands of people connected with it, owe a lot to this distinguished philanthropist, considered by almost everyone as the best Commissioner in history and someone who will never be forgotten, he left under a general sentiment of the boxers and boxers.
A few months after his departure, we remember him fondly and we try in different ways to follow his example. Today we remember who was baptized as the “Father of Boxing.” (Univision).

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