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The wrestler La Parka suffers a serious accident after falling outside the ring

The wrestler La Parka suffers a serious accident after falling outside the ring

The Mexican wrestler La Parka, one of the greatest wrestling idols in this country, underwent emergency surgery early this Monday after suffering a serious accident on Sunday at the Arena Coliseo de Monterrey, capital of the state of Nuevo León.

La Parka suffered the accident when at the end of the fight a cap was thrown out of the ring to punish his rival.

The wrestler was thrown between the second and third rope of the ring and sought to impact against the fighter Rush, his rival, but his feet caught on the second rope and caused the masked man’s body to crash to the ground, while his head hit against a containment that divides the area of ​​the ring with the seats.

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The blow caused La Parka to lose consciousness and it was unofficially known that he lost sensation in his upper and lower extremities.

Given the magnitude of the blow, he was immediately assisted by his rival, who called the paramedics who applied first aid to later be transferred to a hospital where he was subjected to neck and cervical surgery.

This Monday, through a statement, the Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide company assured that after the accident, the wrestler was transferred to a hospital in the city where he underwent surgery, and “is already in recovery,” although he did not mention the severity of the injury. of the athlete or their state of health.

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La Parka, 53, is the leading figure in Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

His outfit consists of a mask with the image of a skull in white on a black background and a hood over the head as well as the image of a complete skeleton on the entire body.

In early May, Mexican wrestler Silver King died after suffering cardiac arrest in the ring during an exhibition in London, England.

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