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They accuse Neymar of being overweight and he responds in an epic way on social networks

They accuse Neymar of being overweight and he responds in an epic way on social networks

The questions to Neymar reappeared in the last hours, especially because of his physical appearance seen in the match between his team, Brazil, and Chile for the Conmebol Qualifiers. But, faced with criticism for this, the player appealed to a message on his social networks to silence all the voices against him.
Brazil achieved a valuable victory in Chile thanks to Everton Ribeiro’s goal in the second half. It was not the best performance of the group led by Tité, and much less that of Neymar, who was well surrounded and had a rather discreet game. Still, the player highlighted the victory and the fact that his team “continues to make history.”
But, in his celebration, there were also some hints to all his detractors and those who criticized him for his physique. Many stressed during the game against Chile that Neymar was obviously overweight. Of this very thing, it was spoken some time ago in the summer when the player himself had shown himself with a naked torso and left his low form in view.
This time, however, Neymar took a hint at his critics for comments about his alleged overweight. “The shirt was L. I’m already at my ideal weight. In the next game I ask for a size M ”, he wrote next to a photograph of the game against Chile in his Instagram stories.
In that publication, Neymar also assured that the Brazilian team did not play well, but the important thing was victory. In turn, he said that they continue to make history and it is not for less, since he won the seven games he played so far in the Qualifiers, that is, 21 out of 21 possible points. Now, the rival will be Argentina at home. (Bolavip)

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