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They denounce lies about the health of pilot Michael Schumacher

They denounce lies about the health of pilot Michael Schumacher

“I find it very unfortunate that Michael’s fans don’t know anything about his health. Why are they not told the truth? ”, Willi Weber, Schumacher’s former manager, told the German newspaper TZ.

With this, Weber promoted to put the issue of Schumacher’s health back up for debate. The family’s decision to prevent any leakage of information has paid off but, in parallel, opened the game of speculation. Nothing is officially known about Schumi, to the lament of his fans, who number in the hundreds of thousands around the world.

On December 29, 2013, the legendary athlete suffered an accident while skiing. He fell down a slope and hit his head on a rock, a picture that seriously endangered his life during the first hours of what happened. Since then he has been confined with his family and in absolute secrecy.

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The environment of the seven-time Formula One champion and considered today as one of the best representatives in the history of the sport, refused since the incident in the French Alps to disseminate the progress of Michael’s team, who suffered a serious injury in the head that kept him in a coma for six months, until June 2014, when it was reported that “a long recovery phase” would begin.

The versions of some who knew him, such as Luca Cordero de Montezemolo, have been contradictory. The former president of Ferrari said in February 2016: “I have news about Schumacher and unfortunately it is not good”, but then, in May of that same year, he noted: “Michael is reacting. I know how strong Schumacher is and I am sure that his determination will be crucial to get out of this situation. I hope so”. (Infobae)

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