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They shoot the Carabobo FC bus upon their return from a match in Venezuela

They shoot the Carabobo FC bus upon their return from a match in Venezuela

The Carabobo FC squad bus was shot at dawn this Monday, when it was returning from Barquisimeto to its headquarters in the town of Valencia, after playing a game in the Venezuelan soccer league against Deportivo Lara, the garnet club denounced.

In a statement, they explained that, after the game on the twenty-third day with Deportivo Lara and having dinner in the city of Barquisimeto, they began their return, but as they passed through Yaracuy state “a crane was blocking the way.”

“Thanks to the quick reaction of the officials attached to the Carabobo State Police, who were escorting” the staff, they were able to avoid “the situation”, of which they did not provide further details.

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However, they clarified that “the bus was hit by bullets” although the members of the entourage were able “to emerge unscathed from the threats of the antisocials.”

The club thanked “all the security forces” of the Carabobo state “involved for the support provided during the events so that the club delegation” arrived safely in the city of Valencia.

Carabobo lost to Deportivo Lara (2-1) on the twenty-third matchday and fell to third place in the group B standings.

According to a report by the Venezuelan Observatory of Violence published last February, the Carabobo state has a network of highways and highways that connects the city of Valencia and municipalities in the region with the states of Aragua, Cojedes, Guárico and Yaracuy.

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“Users circulate on these highways and roads in the midst of the uncertainty of reaching their destinations unscathed,” they said at the time.

These roads are in “poor condition” due to “gaps, unevenness and irregularities in the pavement, poor lighting, undergrowth, trees without pruning and little police presence to protect security.”

All of this, they considered, “provides the perfect setting to suffer an accident or mishap with vehicles,” as well as “to be victims of the criminal gangs dedicated to robbery and kidnapping that operate and dominate the territory.” EFE (HN)

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