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Thomas Kettelkamp supporting Olancho baseball

Thomas Kettelkamp supporting Olancho baseball

In an already very common gesture for baseball in Honduras, the American citizen Thomas Kettelkamp joined the support of minor baseball from Olancho, a nascent minor baseball league led by sportman Luis Moraga.

Throughout the week Mr. Kettelkamp gave clinics to the children of the minor league, which is made up of the ninths of Tigres, Lobos and Panteras in pre-infant and infant categories.

Also, as is customary every time he comes to Honduras, he donated balls and vital sports equipment to help this league, which has about 60 children from the pampas of Olancha.

The work was arduous, all the fundamentals were taught, where in addition to the presence of Mr. Kettelkamp, ​​there were recognized national baseball mentors who collaborate with the league such as Othy Galo, Adolfo “Chofa” Díaz, Miguel Reyes, who have motivated young talents to learn to direct and referee, including Ever Sánchez, Gloria Banegas, Karen Morales, among others.

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The event was attended by local authorities such as the departmental director of education, Carlos Manaiza and the education teacher, Rafael Matute.

Honduras Baseball thanks again to Don Thomas Kettelkamp for his kindness and selfless support that he has always shown for decades. (GG)

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