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Thurman unifies welterweight crowns by beating Garcia, unbeaten match

Thurman unifies welterweight crowns by beating Garcia, unbeaten match
The welterweight champion of the World Association of Boxing (WBA), the American Keith Thurman, surpassed by split decision the Hispanic of Puerto Rican origin Dany García, from whom he snatched the crown endorsed by the World Council (WBC) and also took away undefeated.
The fight scheduled for 12 rounds, which was held at the “Barclays Center” in Brooklyn (New York), left some cards from the judges with scores of 116-112, 115-113 favorable to Thurman and another of 115-113 that benefited Garcia.
The result could have been more overwhelming in Thurman’s favor had he not backtracked in the final three rounds of the bout to which they both went undefeated.
The 28-year-old Garcia fought the wrong fight waiting for Thurman instead of putting pressure on him, while the latter took advantage of his increased hand speed.
In the first half of the fight, Thurman landed powerful blows, but Garcia endured the punishment, allowing him to stay on track for victory, though he suffered too much with the hand speed introduced by the new unified world title champion.
Garcia was unprepared for Thurman’s quick attack until the ninth round, relentlessly hitting left hooks and making a boxing of strategy, while Garcia was only looking to win by knockout.
“If there was a fighter who deserved to win, it was me, because I did a better job in the ring, although I have to acknowledge the courage and power of Danny’s (Garcia) blows,” Thurman declared. «I knew that in the end he was going to push harder with his boxing to gain ground, but I did good defense and the margin of points that I had achieved in the previous rounds helped me ».
Thurman did not want to talk about a possible rematch, while Garcia claimed that he was the one who placed the best shots of the night and also had the opportunity to have achieved the victory.
“I was always in the fight, and I think the fairest thing would have been a null fight, but it is the judges who decide,” said Garcia. “It is true that I could do a better job in the first part of the fight, but I was never inferior to my rival,” he added.
At the end of the fight, Thurman left his mark at 28-0 with 22 knockouts, and Garcia at 33-1, with 19 knockouts, after having the first defeat since he arrived in the world of boxing professional EFE
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