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Tickets for Margarito-Pacquiao are listed for up to 8 thousand pesos

Tickets for Margarito-Pacquiao are listed for up to 8 thousand pesos

MEXICO, ( One of the most anticipated fights is approaching, but the prices make the decision to attend twice.

Attending the duel between the Mexican Antonio Margarito and the Filipino Manny Pacquiao will cost approximately 8,000 pesos, in the “Ring Side” area, the most privileged part.

And it is that the company Top Rank, in charge of the organization of the event, announced the cost of the localities for all the fans who want to witness the lawsuit.

Prices range from 700 dollars -the most expensive- to about 8,750 pesos at the exchange rate of 12.50 per dollar. From then on, tickets cost 500 dollars (6 thousand 250 pesos), 300 (3 thousand 750), 200 (2 thousand 500) and 100 (1 thousand 250).

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The lowest for popular locations is priced at 50 greenbacks, about 625 pesos, at the same exchange rate.

It is important to note that the fight will take place at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, which is listed as one of the most profitable and luxurious venues in the sport.

However, the goal of the arena’s owner, Jerry Jones, is to be able to reach or exceed the entrance recorded in the fight between Julio César Chávez and Greg Haugen, which brought together 130,000 people at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City in 1993. .

Almost a week before the fight, Margarito is about to wrap up his preparation in Oxnard, California. For his part, ‘Pac-Man’ had an intervention in ‘El Show de

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