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TO 20! Albert Pujols approaches Alex Rodríguez

TO 20!  Albert Pujols approaches Alex Rodríguez

The Dominican Albert Pujols hit his first home run against his former team and with it reached 676 in his career, and is already 20 home runs away from reaching the fourth place on the list of maximum home runners in history, Alex Rodríguez. Pujols appeared Sunday as a pinch hitter for Justin Turner and in the second inning, with a teammate on board, Reid Detmers’ pitching disappeared to hit a two-run home run that made the game 5-0 at the time.

With that 418-foot cannon shot, the Dominican reached 14 on the season, being the ninth with the Dodgers, raising his share in MLB to 676, which brings him one step closer to A-Rod, the fourth place of all time. with 696 home runs.

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Barry Bonds: 762

Hank Aaron: 755

Babe Ruth: 714

Alex Rodriguez: 696

Albert Pujols: 676

This home run, in addition, was emotional for Pujols as he hit it in front of his former team until the beginning of this season. “This is the first time I’ve seen some of those players since the Angels released me,” Pujols said. “I still have a great relationship with 95% of them.”(

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