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Tony LaRussa, currently the most expelled manager in MLB

Tony LaRussa, currently the most expelled manager in MLB

Managers are ‘hidden’ protagonists of the game for taking the baton of the match from the dugout, but on some occasions they take the attention of the cameras when they go out to argue with the umpires, and Tony LaRussa has become one of the ‘favorites ‘to be expelled. The 76-year-old helmsman is one of the most viral figures in the world of baseball due to the continuous complaints during the games, that many times, they are accompanied by tantrums and the umpires have had to expel him from the meetings.

In the last game of the weekend series against the New York Yankees, the White Sox helmsman had to watch the game end from his office, as he was sent off in the eighth inning by umpire Mike Estrabook for claiming a third strike that was a strikeout for Eloy Jiménez.

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With this expulsion, La Russa reached a historical figure of 90 expulsions throughout his managerial career, ranking fifth in expulsions for a helmsman in MLB history.


Not all stat lists are for bragging rights and one of them is the managers with the most expulsions.

In this group there is only one active manager, LaRussa, who reached 90, and this is the Top 5 list:

Bobby Cox: 161

John McGraw: 121

Leo Durocher: 100

Earl Weaver: 96

Tony LaRussa: 90


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