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Top 10 NBA Highest Paid Players – 2021 Latest Update

Top 10 NBA Highest Paid Players – 2021 Latest Update

NBA Contracts are getting bigger and there are more than 31 players who make more than $30M in this season, compared to the last 22 seasons. Though many of the NBA highest paid players, those who are on contracts are said to have great deals, still salaries in the 2020/21 season make the difference. Here the salaries of players have significant variations based on when the player has been signed the contract and on his experience in the NBA. This makes the reason to stand behind a player like Stephen Curry to earn almost $16M, higher than Brandon Ingram, in fact, both the stars seem to have max deals, technically.

The Business of Buckets

Though the existing season rests as an argumentative topic, however, there is a mass appeal e. So far, due to safety reasons, 22 games have been postponed. There were numerous teams playing on significantly with weakened rosters. Still, the incentive for the players remains extreme. If you look into the past 30 years, the salaries of NBA players have blown up. It has been raised tenfold compared with a pre-Covid-19 and is increased to an average of $9.5M per player last season.

The average pay sitting is estimated to be nearly $9.5M per player in the last year. Pertaining to Forbes, nearly 35 NBA players are expected to have a minimum of $28M in salary this season.

With the help of salary data that is provided by Spotrac, let us check out the top 10 NBA Highest Paid Players.

  1. Stephen Curry — $45.7M

Stephen Curry lands second $200 million contract of career with Warriors |

The team belongs toGolden State Warriors

Age: 33

Contract period and Worth – 5 years, $201M

All-Stars: 7

For your information – He is considered as the first one in the history of the league to make a contract of back-to-back $200M contracts. He has signed a four-year contract of $215M extensions this offseason.

  1. John Wall — $44.3M

The door to NBA superstardom is open. Is this the season John Wall pushes through? – The Denver Post

Belongs to the team – Houston Rockets

Age: 31

Position: Guard

Contract Period and worth: 4 years, $171M

All-Stars: 5

Information for your knowledge – Though, Wall wished to have a trade out of Houston, however, his injury and the huge contract transformed him into the delicate player to make the moves. He has played 113 games in the last four seasons.

  1. James Harden — $44.3M

NBA power rankings: James Harden, Houston Rockets surging - Sports Illustrated

Belonged to the team – Brooklyn Nets

Age: 32

Position: Guard

Contract Period and worth: 4 years, $171M

All-Stars: 9

Some information – He had a messy trade request and got injured in the playoffs. However, he was able to prove his proficiency as one of the best players in the league.

  1. Russell Westbrook — $44.2M

Reports: Russell Westbrook to miss start of first-round series |

Belonged to the team – Los Angeles Lakers

Age: 32

Position: Guard

Contract Period and worth: 5 years, $206M

All-Stars: 9

Things to know – He has been playing with his third team in the past three years. He has been known for his best shots in the league, however, he has to merge his skills with LeBron James.

  1. LeBron James — $41.1M

What Makes LeBron James the Ultimate NBA Playoff Closer? | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Belonged to the team: Los Angeles Lakers

Age: 36

Position: Guard

Contract Period and worth: 2 years and $85M

All-Stars: 9

Things to know – The player James has missed some of the vital moments due to his injuries in two of the last three years. He is going to turn 37 this December, however, he will have his entry in the 2021-22 season.

  1. Kevin Durant — $40.9M

Kevin Durant: 'The NBA Is Never Going To Fulfil Me'

Belonged to the team – Brooklyn Nets

Age: 32

Contract Period and worth: 4 years and $164M

Information for you – Durant was able to prove his competency as the best player all over the world, in this postseason. This is a strong reason for being one of the top highest players to be paid with a 4-year and $194M extension contract.

  1. Giannis Antetokounmpo — $39.3M

Seven things to know about NBA MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo | Basketball | Al Jazeera

Belonged to the team – Milwaukee Bucks

Age: 26

Position: Guard/Forward

Contract Period and Worth: 5 years and $228M

All-Stars: 2

For your information about the player – Antetokounmpo made the contract and signed with the Bucks in the supermax extension in the last season. He has given the most of his Finals performance which has aided the Bucks to win a championship.

  1. Paul George — $39.3M

Paul George fined $35,000 for criticism of officiating |

Belonged to the team – LA Clippers

Age: 31

Position: Forward

Contract Period and Worth – 4 years, $176M

All-Stars: 7

Things to know about the player- Paul George is as of now on the deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder in 2018. However, he has also done the contract for a 4-year and $176M extensions along with the Clippers that is going to kick in next season.

Having the sideline with Kawhi Leonard, the player will gain better possibilities to demonstrate his ability as a top man on a Clippers squad showing his playoff goals.

  1. Kawhi Leonard — $39.3M

Kawhi Leonard Is On Track to Complete the Rarest of NBA Trifectas | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights

Belonged to the team – LA Clippers

Age: 30

Position – Small Forward

Contract Period and Worth – 4 years and $176M

Things to know about the player – As the player has a torn ACL, he is going to miss out on his significant time.

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  1. Damian Lillard — $39.3M

Damian Lillard Spent The Summer Training In The Mountains After Getting Cut By Team USA - Now He's Dominating The NBA | Business Insider India

Belonged to the team – Portland Trail Blazers

Age: 31

Position: Point guard

Contract Period and Worth – 4 years and $176M

All-Stars: 6

Things to know about the player – Lillard is going to make his entry into a critical season. Here he has to be met with some playoff strides by the Blazers. Else, Lillard may request a trade.

He is in the last year of the contract and the contract of 4 years and $176M will kick out in the next season.

The players who are all on this list of top 10 highest paid players are necessarily not said to have the contracts with the largest overall value. This list considers only the salaries for ’20/21. In addition to that, it has also been noticed that there are still more players who have the potential of increasing their salaries with additions of trade bonuses or incentives.

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