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Trail Blazers make playoff berth

Trail Blazers make playoff berth

The Portland Trail Blazers became the new team that secured a place in the playoffs within the Western Conference, where Golden State, San Antonio, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles Clippers and Memphis are already classified.
Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks took an important step and so did the Indiana Pacers and the Detroit Pistons in the Eastern Conference, where the Chicago Bulls, who had a rest day, and the Washington Wizards could be left out.
Forward Al-Farouq Aminu scored 27 points and led the Trail Blazers’ attack, which, by defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder 120-115, secured their ticket to the final stage.
The Trail Blazers (43-37) have won two in a row and five in the last six games and are in fifth place in the Western Conference, tied with the Memphis Grizzlies.
The Portland team also became the first team in NBA history to earn a ticket to the finals with a roster that included only two players with at least 1,000 minutes from the previous season, point guard Damian Lillard and center German Chris Kaman.
The Thunder (54-25), third in the Western Conference, were led by Swiss center Enes Kanter who contributed a double-double of 33 points and 20 rebounds.
Puerto Rican point guard José Juan Barea scored 27 points and led the Mavericks to an important victory by defeating the Houston Rockets 88-86, who are losing ground in the race for a ticket to the finals.
The Mavericks (6-4) added their fifth consecutive victory and consolidate themselves in seventh place in the Western Conference with a game advantage over the Utah Jazz, eighth, which in turn is that they also have against the Rockets (38 -40), who have lost six of the last 10 games played.
Forward Paul George had 29 points and led the Pacers, who won their third straight win by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers 123-109, who rested their star forward LeBron James.
The Pacers (42-36) achieved their third consecutive victory and remain in seventh place in the Eastern Conference, with a half-game advantage over the Pistons, eighth, who also achieved victory by beating the Magic 104-108 on the road. of Orlando.
The Cavaliers (56-23) suffered their third loss in the last 10 games, but are one more win away from securing the best record in the Eastern Conference.
Point guard Reggie Jackson had 24 points for the visiting Pistons, who took an important step in the fight to secure at least eighth place, the last place in the Eastern Conference with the right to be in the final phase.
The Pistons (42-37), with seven wins in the last 10 games, have only three games left to conclude the regular season, all three at home, with a 2.5-game lead over the Chicago Bulls, ninth, and four games to play.
Point guard Isaiah Thomas had 32 points for the Boston Celtics, who went on to win three straight by beating the New Orleans Pelicans 104-97.
The Celtics (46-32) added the seventh victory in the last 10 games, which allows them to tie for third place in the Eastern Conference to the rested Atlanta Hawks.
Center DeAndre Jordan and shooting guard JJ Redick each had 15 points and led the Los Angeles Clippers to an 81-91 road win over the Lakers, in the penultimate game Kobe Bryant played on his field in his 21 years. of professional career.
The Clippers (49-28), with two wins in a row, are fourth in the Western Conference.
Bryant scored 17 points as the leader of the attack in 28 minutes of play in the penultimate game of his career at the Staples Center, where he will have his last professional game next Wednesday when he hosts the Utah Jazz.
Point guard Kemba Walker led the Charlotte Hornets with 34 points, who defeated the New York Knicks 97-111 at home.
The Hornets (45-33), with their sixth consecutive victory, consolidate themselves in sixth place in the Eastern Conference, just half a game behind the Miami Heat, who occupy fifth place.
The Knicks (31-48), eliminated from the final phase, played without some of their key players due to injuries, such as Spanish point guard José Manuel Calderón and Latvian rookie center Kristaps Porzingis.
Reserve shooting guard Bradley Beal had 25 points as director of the attack for the Wizards, who defeated the Brooklyn Nets 121-103.
Despite the victory, the Wizards (38-40) remain three and a half games behind the Pistons and will be eliminated from the final phase if they suffer a loss or the Detroit team gets a new victory. EFE

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