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Trevor Bauer most hated MLB player on social media

Trevor Bauer most hated MLB player on social media

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer is the most hated player on social media in all of MLB.
According to a study which determined which are the most offended and hated players on social media, where the names of Damian Lillard, Lebron James, Tom Brady and Kevin Durant rang out among the top five, pitcher Trevor Bauer ranked seventh.

Trevor Bauer is one of those players who are always at war with the MLB, incidentally, no player is silent and his occurrences on the field can be funny or ridiculous from different types of view.

Bauer is the only MLB player to rank among the world’s top 15 most hated players, while the NBA has about five players in total. At the same time, that’s the highest paid player this season who makes $ 40 million.

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When he arrived at the Los Angeles Dodgers in the offseason, multiple fans did not want him on their team after saying that no one should go illegally to the United States, even knowing that a large part of the Dodgers fans are Mexican, Venezuelans, among others, who by necessity have to arrive illegally in their country.

At this moment the ace of the Los Angeles Dodgers are dealing with legal problems over an alleged sexual assault against a girl. (Fielding)

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