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Trevor Bauer under investigation for alleged assault on a woman

Trevor Bauer under investigation for alleged assault on a woman

Pasadena, California Police are investigating MLB Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer following an accusation by a woman of an alleged assault.

The lawyer for the woman who made the accusation, Marc Garelick, said that his client “suffered severe physical and emotional pain.” The woman also received a temporary domestic violence restraining order.

TMZ Sports quoted sources as saying that Trevor Bauer is “convinced that the encounter was nothing more than rough, consensual sex with someone he met online.”

The report also indicated that authorities are likely to refer the case to the district attorney’s office.

Neither Bauer nor the Dodgers have made an official statement on the story.

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In the past, Trevor Bauer has received criticism for what many believed to be bullying and bullying behavior towards women on social media.

“All the conversations that I have had with people in all walks of life in the last couple of years and all the things that I have learned, I can say that I have learned from them,” the 30-year-old said in February after signing with the Dodgers. “… I don’t think it makes sense to delve into specific topics in this forum, but I’m committed to being better on social media, being better on the pitch, being better at the clubhouse, being better in life in general.” Bauer said. .

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Bauer has made 17 starts for Los Angeles this season, where he has a 2.59 ERA, leading the MLB in strikeouts with 137, and is in his first year of a $ 102 million contract with the Dodgers. (Fielding)

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