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Two boxers die in less than a week

The combat was still tension, nothing more. A few steps, a few threats and, at the first blow, death. If he reached the minute, no one found out. In a regional combat, in the town of Lady Frere, in southern South Africa, the local Mzwanele Kompolo, 22, uncovered the tragedy of his sport. His compatriot Siphenathi Qampi soon recognized his weak defense and, at the first chance he got, he landed a hook from which he would never wake up again. He plummeted into the ring and, although he was treated immediately and rushed to the city hospital, nothing could be done to save his life.
A misfortune in principle fortuitous, but that, to coincide with another, will lead the Government of the country to carry out a thorough investigation. Last October, another modest South African boxer, Phindile Mwelase, who was contesting her fifth fight (she had four losses, all by KO), fell into a coma in the ring and died a few days later. The regional media then denounced the few controls that are carried out in the gyms in the area, repeated use of prohibited substances and an excess of inexperienced people fighting for a meager reward (4,000 rands, about 250 euros), although the misfortune crossed borders.
It just coincided with another death, this one in Sydney, Australia, to reopen the debate on boxing worldwide. Last Friday, the local Davey Browne Jr., 28, also died as a result of a knockout received in his fight against the Filipino Carlo Magali. Then the fight was regulated as it should be, it belonged to the super featherweight of the International Boxing Federation (IBF), but the rules were useless. In the last round, the fighter fell unconscious and caused a wave of reactions: the Australian Medical Association, in fact, has already called for a ban on boxing, claiming in a statement that “any bad blow can kill.” (Courtesy of

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