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UEFA defends reformulation of offside rule after Mbappé goal

UEFA defends reformulation of offside rule after Mbappé goal

UEFA defends a reformulation of the offside rule after the French victory goal in the Nations League scored on Sunday by Kylian Mbappé against Spain, “correctly” refereed but contrary “to the spirit of the game”.

Vastly criticized in Spain, the English referee Anthony Taylor “made a correct decision, based on the existing rule and its official interpretation,” said Roberto Rosetti, the person in charge of the arbitration within the European instance.

According to Rosetti, while trying to intercept Théo Hernández’s pass in the 80th minute, Spanish defender Eric García put Kylian Mbappé into play, as he “stepped in to play the ball.”

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“However, in this case we know that the current interpretation of the law seems to be in conflict with the spirit of the law itself, which is to prevent any player from taking advantage of their offside position,” adds the former international referee. Italian.

For him, “the position of UEFA is that it is possible to improve the formulation” of the rule issued by the International Board (IFAB), the body that governs the laws of the game, “to make it in accordance with the objective of the law on the outside of game and the spirit of the game ».

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Roberto Rosetti specified that he had “already made contact” with FIFA and IFAB, and “will discuss solutions at the next meeting of the technical consultation group” of the International Board, scheduled for October 27.

At the moment, the text is worded as follows: A player in an offside position will be considered to have not taken advantage of that position when he receives the ball from an opponent who voluntarily plays the ball, including the voluntary hand, unless Try a ‘save’ by an opponent. AFP (HN)

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