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Uruguayan Federation announces departure of teacher Tabárez

Uruguayan Federation announces departure of teacher Tabárez

The meager results, the seventh position in the qualifying table in the absence of four dates to finish, the danger of not going to the Qatar World Cup 2022 and its consequent economic damage, and mainly the lack of reaction of the team in their Recent games led the AUF Executive Council to make a drastic decision: to dismiss Oscar Washington Tabárez.

After 15 years, eight months, a week and four uninterrupted days (17 in total) at the helm of the Celeste, the coach ended his cycle prematurely. He had already hinted that the World Cup to be played in a year would be his last experience, but it did not come.

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The four consecutive defeats suffered in the last presentations only deepened the crisis that had already been experienced in October, an opportunity in which the AUF Executive evaluated its continuity and decided to support it. Why? Well, at that time there was not much time to give a steering wheel, given that leaders and coaching staff met on a Saturday and the following Friday had to give a list of reserved for the games with Argentina and Bolivia.

As the bad results were repeated and there was more time (Uruguay will play again in the Qualifiers at the end of January against Paraguay), the situation was evaluated and it was decided to put an end to the Tabárez Era immediately.

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Who will succeed him? For now it is anyone’s guess. The name that was already on the table was Diego Aguirre, but perhaps it is to start a new long-term process, when the cycle for the 2026 World Cup begins, and not for now. (The country)

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