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Venezuelan boxer Yeison Cohen suffers stroke after being knocked out

Venezuelan boxer Yeison Cohen suffers stroke after being knocked out
The Venezuelan fighter Yeison Cohen, who was knocked out during a boxing evening held in the Colombian city of Barranquilla, was urgently operated this morning at a clinic after suffering a stroke as a result of the combat.
Cohen, who faced Colombian Hugo Berrío on Friday night, in an eight-round fight, was part of the undercard held at the Hotel El Prado and in which there were also four other clashes.
In statements to the media, the doctor who provided first aid to Cohen in the ring, John Barrera, assured that the trainer told the boxer “not to come out when the eighth round was about to begin and at that moment he collapsed and began to convulse ».
On the canvas, the Venezuelan received first aid with cardiopulmonary resuscitation actions before being transferred by ambulance to the health center.
The North General Clinic, where Cohen is treated, reported that he is in the Intensive Care Unit after he was operated on for a hematoma on the brain.
The state is critical. A hematoma was found on the CT scan. He was operated on and is not conscious. Its evolution is expected in the next few hours, “said Danilo Meléndez, a doctor at the health entity.
Tonight, the North General Clinic issued a statement in which it assured that Yeison Cohen’s state of health is “critical” because “his conscience is impaired. His prognosis is reserved.
According to the medical report, “the patient was admitted with severe brain inflammation and a brain hematoma on the left side. Evolution is expected after the surgical procedure performed, the purpose of which is to decompress the skull to prevent the inflammation from increasing, and at the same time, the patient begins to recover the functions of his nervous system. EFE
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