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Venezuelan Maestre wins welterweight title

Venezuelan Gabriel Maestre, world runner-up, defeated Cuban Olympic champion Roniel Iglesias 2-1 today to win the welterweight crown at the close of boxing at the Pan American Games.
Maestre went out to force the actions with attacks that Iglesias tried to neutralize with art and precision and thus they staged a great duel that divided opinions even in the case of the judges, two of them with votes in favor of the Venezuelan, and one of the Cuban.
It was one of the two Saturday defeats for Cuba that won the contest with six gold and four silver medals, followed by Canada (3-0-3), United States (2-1-2), Venezuela (1-2- 3), Mexico (1-1-3), Colombia and the Dominican Republic (0-2-3), Argentina (0-1-2), Brazil and Puerto Rico (0-0-2). Chile, Costa Rica and Guatemala (0-0-1).
At the start of the card, fly Antonio Vargas, from the United States, took advantage of his longer limbs and with efficient long-distance boxing he led 3-0 over world medalist Yosbany Veitía, from Cuba.
The other three men’s finals today were dominated by the Cubans.
In the light category, the world monarch Lázaro Álvarez unanimously defeated the Mexican Lindolfo Delgado; The Caribbean showed cleanliness in his blows and took an early advantage against an opponent unable to defend himself well.
Another world champion, light heavyweight Julio la Cruz beat Venezuelan Albert Ramírez 3-0 with absolute dominance over his rival, while in heavyweights Lenier Peró beat Venezuelan Edgar Muñoz 2-1.
In women, Canadian Mandy Bujold won 2-1 against American Olympic medalist Marlén Esparza, in the flyweight division, and her compatriot Caroline Veyre, 2-0 against Argentine Dayana Sánchez, in light weights.

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