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Vettel and Hamilton bury the hatchet in Austria

Vettel and Hamilton bury the hatchet in Austria

The German Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari), leader of the Formula One World Championship, and the English Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes), second to 14 points, signed the peace, or staged it, on Thursday before the start of the Austrian Grand Prix , after his incident in Baku, during the one in Azerbaijan, two Sundays ago.

The two most successful drivers on the current grid buried -or hid, for the moment- the hatchet, after the Baku incidents, where sparks flew: as Hamilton slowed down his pace, leader, ahead of Vettel, with the safety car on the track, ‘Seb’ hit the rear of the Englishman’s car, claiming a malicious brake test; moments before catching up with him, giving him a disapproving gesture and hitting the Mercedes with his Ferrari.

Vettel received a 10-second stop and go penalty in the race for unsportsmanlike behavior, which did not prevent him from being fourth, one place ahead of Lewis, his greatest rival in the fight for the title, which he now surpasses in fourteen points: 153 to 139.

After the test, the two complained. The German, who demanded sanction for both, said that F1 was “for men”; and the Englishman, who appealed to the bad example given to childhood, immediately invited him, paradoxically, to solve his troubles “off the track.”

From there, a great controversy was generated, with different opinions in favor and against each of them, which led to the appearance of Vettel last Monday, in Paris, before the FIA, which did not increase the sanction and accepted a public apology from German to English, to the fans and to the Federation itself.

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The FIA ​​decided not to add fuel to the fire, thinking, perhaps, that it was not acceptable to spoil the party for the German on his thirtieth birthday.

When it was announced that during the first half of this Thursday’s press conference, Vettel and the triple English world champion would appear together – who has just improved the second best ‘pole’ mark of the mythical Ayrton Senna, fatally injured in 1994, promoting it at 66-, the expectation soared. And it was clear that the Danish Kevin Magnussen (Haas) was going to be a mere guest of stone.

With the Red Bull Ring press conference room packed to bursting, the German four-time world champion indicated that he obviously did not have “the same point of view inside the car as he did outside of it” and admitted that he made “a wrong decision”.

“The move was inappropriate, because at the time I thought he had deliberately braked, but then I understood that there was no bad intention on his part,” Vettel said. «I was disappointed and overreacted. There’s no more. On Monday I apologized to the FIA, the public and him, “he added.

“No more trouble,” said Hamilton, who walked into the Spielberg conference room taking photos of reporters with his mobile phone and joking about the “best press conference I’ve never been to before.”

“I’m already focused on this weekend,” said the Englishman seriously. “I already said everything I had to say after the race and we left it there. I don’t think the dynamic between Sebastian and me will change. We spoke after the race and last Monday. I still have respect for him as the great champion that he is. And we will continue to fight fairly, “said Lewis.

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“The telemetry showed that I didn’t brake on purpose. That is the only thing that worried me, that he made it clear that it had not been like that, “said the 32-year-old Englishman, who holds, with 56 victories, the second best of all time, still far from the German Michael Schumacher (91 ), the ‘record man’ of Formula One.

“He did not apologize to me just when we spoke on the phone, although that was surely his intention, but he sent me a telephone text message the next day; and of course I accepted them, “said Hamilton, when asked again about what happened during the past few days.

Obviously what I did was wrong; and for that I apologized ”, added Sebastian, 45 times winner in F1, a category in which he has started 47 times first. Now everything depends on Lewis. Obviously I made a mistake so I can understand that I am disappointed, but it’s nice to hear that we are able to move on. Yes”

“I think that the respect we have for each other both on and off the track will help us in this regard,” said Vettel, who, when urged by a British journalist, admitted that “if I could go back I would not do the same”, but that “is impossible.”

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So, on neutral ground – the Red Bull circuit – peace was signed. And the hatchet is buried. Or hidden, for now.

Because even Hamilton is not going to give up celebrating a fourth title that would equal him to Vettel and Frenchman Alain Prost – curiously, the one who has won the most times in Austria (3) -; not even the German will give an iota in his intention to emulate Juan Manuel Fangio, five-time world champion for Argentina. To be only two crowns from the absolute record, held by the ‘Kaiser’. And on track anything can happen again.

In what they both were one hundred percent in agreement is when they were asked about the possibilities that next year the Spanish Fernando Alonso (McLaren-Honda) could be their teammate, both at Ferrari and Mercedes. They are clear about it: they do not want it.

The two said that they are very comfortable with their current teammates, the Finns Valtteri Bottas, in the case of Lewis, and Kimi Raikkonen.

Consulted later by Efe, the Asturian double world champion – who will not announce his future until October – indicated that this “does not matter”, because this type of demonstration is “understandable” at a time of year very given to rumors, with the market of pilots about to enter a boiling state. EFE

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