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Vinicius leads the reaction of Real Madrid

Vinicius leads the reaction of Real Madrid

An exhibition by Vinicius, who recovered the punch in a big way a month later, led the expected reaction of Real Madrid before his visit to the Camp Nou, with a triumph full of firmness in Kiev, nullifying Shakhtar’s virtues, to bury the mistake of the Sheriff and hunt him down for the lead.

The week of the classic demanded an immediate reaction from Real Madrid to its first slump in results. The break was good for Carlo Ancelotti’s team, who regained identity with the return of 4-3-3 and made good his reunion with the Olympian in Kiev, the scene of the thirteenth, where he stood up with greatness, exhibiting power.

A new Shakhtar, more dominating with De Zerbi on the bench but just as electric in the last meters, with that Brazilian touch that his referents bring him, raised a duel for possession against Real Madrid. He played without complexes, with the memory of the success in his two confrontations in the past course, and presented the opportunity to beat whoever was more effective in the transitions.

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It does not seem like a good formula against a Real Madrid who always liked speed, with Vinicius and Rodrygo flying on their wings, and the precision that the return of a historic midfield brings in the pass. Casemiro, Kroos and Modric appeared together for the first time this season. Mendy was released, at last, five months later, savior from the most dangerous action of Shakhtar.

The goal threat is always Benzema, who warned as soon as the match started with a tight shot, and caused Trubin’s best stop, with a firm hand down to the dry shot from the front of the Frenchman. Up to four of eight shots in the first half hour carried his signature but, curiously, the goal that broke the game came at his own goal. Lucas Vázquez, a novelty on the right wing and a continuous dagger from the side, put a precise pass to Karim that Kryvstov sent to the net in his attempt to avoid the goal.

With his name ringing louder every day for the Ballon d’Or, with reinforced arguments after the conquest of the League of Nations, Benzema wanted his goal and did not stop until he got it. Before he intervened in everything. The birth of each dangerous move started from his boots.

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The anger of the Shakhtar coach left his team without two of their referents at half-time and the response could not be worse. From a throw-in in favor came the theft of Benzema, the magical pass between the lines of Modric and the quality in the definition of Vinicius. Ball chopped to the goalkeeper, without thinking about the time he lost the hit.

Vinicius felt untouchable and unbalanced at each appearance. If he adds punch to his speed and dribbling, he is unstoppable. The third goal defines him as a footballer. Bicycle in the race, a cut with which he sat down rivals and a left-footed shot with power to the net.

Ancelotti’s team was unleashed and the Brazilian pulse was falling on the Madrid side with Rodrygo joining the party and adding a goal to his great performance. Of course, with Benzema creating and associating, Vini putting the pass back and Rodrygo the left-footed shot up. Courtois saved the little work he had and the game could not end without the reward of Karim who added a new goal to hunt down Carlos Santillana.

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– Data sheet:

0 – Shakhtar: Trubin; Dodo, Marlon, Kryvstov, Ismaily (Korniienko, m.74); Maycon, Alan Patrick (Stepanenko, m.79); Teté (Marlos, m.46), Pedrinho, Solomon (Marcos Antonio, m.46) and Fernando (Mudryk, m.74).

5 – Real Madrid: Courtois; Lucas Vázquez, Militao (Vallejo, m.87), Alaba, Mendy (Marcelo, m.69); Casemiro, Kroos (Valverde, m.78), Modric (Camavinga, m.78); Rodrygo (Marco Asensio, m.78), Vinicius and Benzema.

Goals: 0-1, m.37: Kryvstov in own goal. 0-2, m.51: Vinicius. 0-3, m.56: Vinicius. 0-4, m.65: Rodrygo. 0-5, m.91: Benzema.

Referee: Srdjan Jovanovic (Serbia). He admonished Marcos Antonio (46) for Shakhtar.

Incidents: match corresponding to the third day of the Champions League played at the Kiev Olympic Stadium in front of 35,000 spectators. EFE (HN)

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