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Warm welcome to Olympic medalists in Ecuador

Warm welcome to Olympic medalists in Ecuador

Thousands of Ecuadorians took to the streets on Wednesday to warmly welcome Neisi Dajomes, who won a gold medal in the weights at the Tokyo Olympics, and Tamara Salazar, who won silver in the same sport.

After the landing of the flight in which the two Olympic stars were coming, the plane passed through an arc of water, reserved for great occasions. Then, Dajomes and Salazar emerged alternately from the pilots’ window saluting effusively and carrying an Ecuadorian flag in their hands.

“I am very happy, very content, I never thought that an Olympic medal would be of this size, I have no words other than gratitude and joy. Up Ecuador, yes it could! “Said Dajomes in his first statements to the state channel TvEcuador.

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In the VIP lounge of the airport they were waiting for the marcher Jefferson Pérez, who until before these Games was the only Olympic medalist that Ecuador had, as well as relatives and close friends of the new sports heroines, mostly carrying large bouquets of flowers. The two immediately went to a nearby hotel, where they took a short break and changed clothes.

On the roof of a bus, painted with the faces of both and other athletes of outstanding performance in Tokyo, the weightlifters greeted thousands of citizens stationed on the sides of the road, who showed them signs with legends such as “Thank you champions”, “Golden girls”, among others, while shouting “yes it could”.

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“First of all, I am grateful to the girls who have really done so much for the country, it is a satisfaction and pride that we feel in what they have done, this is the product of a work of many years and without a doubt we believe that there is much more than they can give and we hope that things will change and we can have not two but more Olympic medals in weightlifting ”, asserted the weightlifting coach, Walter Llerena.

The route of the triumph caravan was guarded by motorcyclists from the police. Behind the medalists, there were dozens of private vehicles.

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Dajomes was crowned in the 76-kilo division, while Salazar took silver in the 87. (AP)

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