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Warriors overwhelm Cavs at start of NBA Finals

Warriors overwhelm Cavs at start of NBA Finals

Kevin Durant sneaked into the basket over and over again in order to lavish spectacular dunks. On other occasions, he gave up personal brilliance and preferred to hand over the ball for a teammate to score. And defensively, he did everything.
He even had the luxury of shooting from long range. His NBA Finals debut in a Warriors uniform couldn’t be more compelling.
Durant had 38 points, eight rebounds and eight assists for Golden State to start the final with a 113-91 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Thursday night.
Stephen Curry had 28 points, including 18 through six 3-pointers, and dished out 10 assists.
But the night was Durant’s, who joined the Warriors before this season with a mission to help them win the title that eluded them last year against the Cavaliers themselves.
And the star believes that Golden State’s performance can improve.
“We could have played better tonight, but in the final, the important thing is to get the victory, so we were happy with that,” he said.
At least in the beginning of the third consecutive final between the Warriors and Cavs, Durant fully fulfilled the mission that was entrusted to him last July, when he left the ranks of Oklahoma City and arrived at the multi-star Golden State roster.
LeBron James also had 28 points, plus 15 rebounds and eight assists for the defending champion Cavs, a day after someone wrote a racist expression at the star’s home in Los Angeles.
Thus, James had to dedicate Wednesday’s press conference to speak out against racism, instead of concentrating his statements on his seventh consecutive appearance in a final or on the way the Cavs would seek to stop Durant.
James said he would do his best to be ready for the first game of the final, at a time when he was worried about his wife and children in Ohio.
Durant showed total concentration, and punished Cleveland for leaving him unmarked. He took the ball to make his phenomenal dunks and looked exactly like a player who must fulfill a clear mission, the conquest of a title.
“I think at the beginning of the game we were a little anxious and missed some shots on a layup, as well as allowing them to hit a few shots,” Durant said. “I think everything started to work better from the second quarter.”
In the first half alone, the Warriors forward had six dunks for the Warriors, who went 13-0 in the playoffs and are the only team in history to have been undefeated at this point in a game. postseason.
“They are the best team I have ever seen,” acknowledged Cavs coach Tyronn Lue. “They are at 13-0. They constantly break records, every year. “
The second match of the series is scheduled for Sunday night, also at the Oracle Arena, with its noisy crowd.
Kyrie Irving, who hit the deciding 3-pointer off Curry in June for Cleveland’s crown, scored 24 points Thursday, hitting 10 of 22 shots. Kevin Love captured 21 rebounds and added 15 points, while Tristan Thompson did not have a single basket and captured four balls in front of the boards.
Durant’s only previous experience in a final ended in a loss to James and Miami in 2012. Now, he has hit 14 of 26 shots and reached 30 points for the fifth time in these playoffs.
The audience stood up to cheer him 2:16 minutes from the end, when he sat down to rest. At that point, the Warriors had the win in the bag.

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